Why does it have to be an Atala bike? They don't look that great afaic...


Have you tried Italy?

Sorry for being flippant, my first bike (secondhand) was an Atala equipped with 4-speed Simplex gears, steel chainset with Atala name engraved but probably made by Gnutti, Pivo bars and stem. It was probably built around 1952 and I took delivery in 1959 and rode it with a few alterations until about 1964.

Try contacting Atala in , I think Turin, and ask them for details of suppliers in UK.
They used until a few years ago , sponsor a road team , Urs Freuler of Switzerland was one of their stars , even long before that Vito Favero 2nd in TdF about 1957 and Vito Taccone winner of Tour of Lombardy 1960.


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Atala Bikes don't seem to have many dealerships left in the UK :smile:(although I could be wrong :tongue:).

They are imported into the UK by AVOCET SPORTS LTD. WORSLEY, MANCHESTER, M28 2QB. Telephone; 0161 727 8508.

One of their main stockists seems to be WINSTANLEYS BIKES.CO.UK - they have 38 models.
Go onto the website link below and put "ATALA" into the brand search box in the top righthand corner of the page. I tried posting a direct link but it didn't work.

Is there any particular reason it has to be the "Atala" brand? :wacko:

Good luck.
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