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Fine wire wool and then lemon juice to clear the pores.


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Talcum powder to keep your feet dry. Fungi like warm moist conditions, get rid of the moisture get rid of the fungi.


This may sound strange, but it works. Soak your feet in hot water bicarbonate of soda, you will need to do this over several days. It worked for me.


[QUOTE 2055037, member: 45"]Dactarin will clear it in a few days. Spray is best but burns a bit.[/quote]

Actually the cream is better (nurse and a pharmacist initially told me this and I agree after using both) as it can be directed to the infected areas.

Also, once you have it, it can re-occur later. Prevention is a must. Dry feet thoroughly. Spray/apply cream once every so often to the feet and where you can, try to leave socks and shoes off for a bit after washing.


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Lavender oil is very good if you mix it in a bit of aqueous cream. I had to do it a couple of years back and my toes were clear within a week.


[QUOTE 2055037, member: 45"]Dactarin will clear it in a few days. Spray is best but burns a bit.[/quote]
Yup, I prefer the spray to the cream because it's quick and easy to apply. Not that the cream takes long but a quick squirt when putting on socks is easier, and thus more likely, than applying cream and washing hands.

Talc has a strange effect on me, as it makes me sweat profusely. Whether used on the feet, under arms or in more, ahem, intimate areas, talc makes me really damp. I found this from using it to help donning wetsuits for sailing and windsurfing, in case anyone wonders what strange fetish might have led to me realising. ;)


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My 90 year old Dad occasionally suffers very badly from this, a hangover from his days as a miner. Very common among miners.

He struggles to treat it himself because of other injuries so I got to know this inside out, so to speak.

Firstly, and it's not widely known, Daktarin comes in two strengths. If standard struggling to get rid of it ask for the stronger one.

Secondly, miners swore by the use of surgical spirit for the worst cases. Undiluted on cotton wool swabs and wiped everywhere it itches and a bit further. Several times a day. Seems a bit vicious but it seems to work.

I accept no liability, do your own research, yada yada.


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Canestan cream, get the thrush version as it has 2% clotrimazole as against the athlete's foot version with only 1%.

Spray ALL footwear with a fungicidal spray, wash feet every day, dry thoroughly and apply the cream twice a day.
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