Attention Oxford Area Cyclists: Abingdon Freewheelwheeling event, Sunday 11th April.

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Abingdon is having its first 'Freewheeling event' on Sunday 11th April.
Idea is to get cyclists, pobs, families in the locality excited about riding and local cycling issues.
Led rides of 4, 10 and 27 miles will set-off every 30 mins from the market square, no money required, just sign-up and go!
Cycle related activities will be going on in the square also.
It's a fine and brave experiment by the young Emily and I hope the sun shines and it works a treat.
Longer-term aim is to create a critical mass of cyclists to ride together, campaign together... whatever, a community of cyclists, not online, but in the flesh!

Would be good to have more of these types of event around the country.

Me and a few other NOBS will be tail-end-Charlies for the 27 milers, helping, encouraging, p*ncture fixing. If you're in the viscinity, your support will be welcome.
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