Auction: 1984 Raleigh Clubman road bike - 23.5" / 60cm frame - L'Eroica


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Some of my bikes are being sold as part of a clear-out. It'll be N-3 to N-5 minimum.

First up is the 1984 Raleigh Clubman which I bought last October. 23.5" / 60cm 531 frame. Start price £75

It's had a general clean-up, replacement brake levers and saddle, new chain, bar tape, brake cables and replacement tyres. Unfortunately it's been knocked into something whilst in my shed - not sure how but it's caused a dent in the seat tube :cry:

From talking to another club apparently it was re-built somewhere around 1990 as a time trial bike for the previous owner, which would explain the single crank, low-geared freewheel, etc. Mind you, he was tall - I'm 5' 9" and can just fit - he was 6' 4".


Following this it'll be the 1986 Raleigh Team, 1986 Benotto, probably the 2000 Raleigh SP150 MTB, the Spesh Secteur and/or the Whyte MTB (after June for this one due to Cycle-to-Work).

Blame the NHS and redundancies for the main reasons :cursing:

That'll leave me with the 1990 GT Timberline, my Ridgeback Platinum and the magnesium Carrera Virago to cover everything; commuting, touring, racing plus the PBP qualifiers. Hopefully by the summer things will be better.
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