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Automated Gearshift System

Discussion in 'Research and Questionnaires' started by RenatoLacerda, 2 Mar 2016.

  1. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular


    First I'm new to the forum and would like your help to get some opinions.

    I'm doing a project in my Industrial Automation course at my Institute of Technology regarding a monitoring and automated gearshift system for cycling. And for programming and setting some parameters take into account the rider's speed, the force applied to the pedal, cadence, power and the relationship of speed to the best use of the rider pedaling.

    To set these parameters, I would like your help to get a feedback from those who really understands and practices this sport that is growing a lot.

    Please, if you can fill a small sheet for me to collect some data would be really great and help me adapt the idea from real data and mainly suggestions, tips, advice and opinions.

    Once again I appreciate the space and attention.

    Thank you very much,

    Kind Regards,

  2. What are these strange kmh things whereof you speak?
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  3. Broadside

    Broadside Über Member

    Fleet, Hants
    I answered in mph :-)
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  4. LocalLad

    LocalLad Senior Member

    Funny you should post this. Last proper ride, last weekend, my mind turned to automatic gears on a bike. I figured the best way to cycle is to choose a cadence and power and then the gear to match, so automatically picking a gear seems sensible.
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  5. Reiver

    Reiver Whistling down the hills, tearing up the climbs

    Middle Marches
    I would like to be able to preselect for range change; twin lever operation is just awkward, so for instance if I was going to go from 5 Low to 4 High (this being my next gear up) I would first preselect high range, then that would take effect when I changed gear from 5 to 4. Hence I would only ever have to move one lever at a time. Be also quite nice if a splitter could be added.
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  6. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    Sorry, you can answer in mph, I'm from Brazil. Thank you very much @Drago
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  7. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    Thank you very much @Broadside !
  8. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    Yest that's it. I've been working in this idea for a while, I've started to develop in Ireland.

    To ensure the right match there are some data to be analysed. The cadence and the force applied to the pedal ensures the best match to keep 'stable' the best cadence. Of course the cyclist can choose to the manual, or totally automated. The prototype is going well, other sensors can also improve the stability and monitoring system, as an accelerometer to track the inclinations for instance..

    Thank you very much for your reply! @LocalLad
  9. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    That's a great suggestion @Reiver, and I think it can be easily implemented, also monitoring the activity and the initial parammeter setup of the cyclist. A lot of ranges and combinations could be included to improve the gear matches, satisfying each different "characteristic" for instance.

    Thanks for your good tip!
  10. cyberknight

    cyberknight Guru

    South Derbyshire
  11. I answered as best I could (I'm fluent in km/h ;) ) but I have no idea what my cadence or power is. Average speed is tricky: Do you mean overall (start-finish) average or moving average which is calculated by various websites and gps devices, all of which will give different results, so it doesn't mean a lot, and is also dependent on terrain and weather. Max speed is also difficult: Do you mean max speed on a level road, or downhill? The latter is pretty meaningless as its more dependent on use of brakes than gears.

    Anyway, best of luck with your project. I'm sure it will be a fascinating engineering challenge, and I look forward to reading about it here.
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  12. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Veteran

    The NuVinci hub does some of what we speak - constant cadence with stepless gear changes.

    There is an electrically operated automatic version which I tried briefly.

    Takes some getting used to, but on a short ride I didn't get the 'must have it' feeling.

  13. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

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  14. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    Thank you for your answer! The data is simply to get an average of different type of cyclists to define all the possibilities of combinations of gears that can be implemented in the project. These data are really important to me and your opinion as well. Thank you very much @Dogtrousers
  15. RenatoLacerda

    RenatoLacerda Regular

    Really @Pale Rider ? It's good that you've already tried something similar, you can give a suggestion maybe... What did you think that was missing for the 'must have it' feeling? Thanks a lot