Avanti! Cycling classical music in and around Ghent (26th of september 2010)


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The fourth edition of this special event is on sunday 26th of september 2010.
The lovely villages of Vinderhoute (Lovendegem), Merendree (Nevele) and Drongen (Ghent) host this year. The event starts at 11 am and ends at 18 pm. The cycling tour is a modest 25 km and will bring you towards european and non-european classical music in churches, (private) castles, an abbey, a farm and some charming cafes or simply in open air.

If not cycletouring at that time in Flanders, you can rent a bike at Ghent Uitbureau, +32 9 233 77 88 or contact one of the local bicycle renting companies.



The full programme as well as more practical information will be posted on http://www.festivalgent.be on 26th of august 2010. Tickets should be bought in advance, as the event is always sold out.

Bicycle that 'classical' music!

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