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jonny jeez

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I've been getting a little tired of my avatar of late (despite using it for many years on 'tinternet) and, more recently have been trying on a few "Johnny's" for size...hoping to find one that fits.

(that sounds a bit wrong.)

Do you like to swap yours about a bit or are you kind of fixed to it?


Do you smell fudge?
I draw my own, so I just change it when I get a bit bored
I'd noticed you were going through some changes recently! :laugh:

I've had two over the time I have been on here. My original was a surface rendering of my brain. Yes of my actual brain (working in MRI has its uses!:tongue:). Then a certain goo mason did a wee Captain Cameraman sketch for me, which appealed (in a taking the wee out of myself kinda way, which I like), so it has been this ever since.

When people change their avatars too often it gets confusing!!!;):smile:
jonny jeez

jonny jeez

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magnatom said:
When people change their avatars too often it gets confusing!!!;):laugh:
good point, perhaps you lot can help me decide. All the options I have so far are in my album (in my profile under "Avatars"), why not take a look and tell me what you think I should use.


THis is my best one to date. Had a few in the past, but only because I didn't have anything suitable and my kids picked some of them. - you can see who is the boss in our house. ;)
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