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Looking at the avatars, I'm noticing themes - at least 2 ying/yang type designs, elephants (of course), cartoon characters, people on bikes...

It's a bit like that game, where you have to turn cards over to find a pair. You think you've spotted one the same, but then you realise it's not quite...
Sorry Arch, I couldn't find one that's really me, whatever that is. Now look what you've done. I'll have to go and search for my inner self!!!

At least you know you're a baby elephant.


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DE4, Derbyshire
Oooh, just thought of another.

/old gag mode/

why have elephants got big ears?

because Noddy couldn't afford the ransom.

/old gag mode/


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I picked one of the site's avatars, because some of them are 100X100, and I like AT-ATs. None of my own favourite avatars from elsewhere (Sportacus's moustache, an animated GIF of the Activia 'Inner Self' pretending to be Superman) look good shrunk to 80X80, or indeed can be squished to fit 8kb either. So an AT-AT it is.


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I don't, obviously. As my brother's girlfriend recently said "rabbits are such pointless animals".
My first avatar was one of my own pics of me riding my dad's Trek MTB into a swimming pool in Bahrain (I was drunk :eek: ). But reduced to 80X80 pixels you couldn't really see it, so now I've got this one instead which is my guitar at a gig somewhere. I plan to change it fairly regularly though so keep an eye open for another loosely cycling - related one.


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I will be putting pics of the dog up. I'll change it monthly and put a good pic from the previous month in.

If no-one notices but me - I don't care - I'm happy! :eek:
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