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I am currently averaging 16.5mph on my 21.4 mile training circuit but am aiming on getting that upto 21.4mph, that is riding a Catrike Expedition trike, what is everyone else averaging over a similar distance and what are you riding?

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I wish I was averaging those kind of figures! On the flat I'm happy around 20mph, but the hills kill me! As for my ride, I've got a homemade recumbent trike, built out of scrap parts from an old MTB and a couple of kids MTBs, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised On the upside, at least its nice and comfortable regardless of speed!


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I'm a tourer, not a racer ... On a typical 40-50 mile ride, my moving average is 11-12mph. Overall average varies hugely on how good the pubs are. :-)
My main circuit is a shade under 30 miles. Fairly flat with only a couple of hills but open to the wind and some bad surfaces. On the ICE Q26 my moving average in winter is around 21 kph and in summer 22. On my Bacchetta Giro the winter average is 22.5 kph and in summer around 24. Yesterday, with my recent holiday still in my legs I went round on the Giro in 25.8 kph which for me is pretty good! I haven't done a series of rides on my DF tourer yet but I should - it would be an interesting yardstick but I just can't summon the enthusiasm!


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I'm a tourer too. On our holiday, the best we got was 11mph, on a 74 mile day (with luggage). Coming back up to York, I managed just over 10mph average over 52 miles.

I've got some work to do for the LEL....


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18mph on a 17 mile cross london commute. Similar when it was 22 miles. Faster on open roads. I'm not afforded a 'training circuit' at present, but wouls expect to see 21/22ish.
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I did my circuit in reverse today, it's a lot harder that way, only 14mph, rest day tomorrow.


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My regular 'commute' with ~5kg of kit: 8.7 mile ride + 1 hour circuit training + 8.7 mile ride back, 53m of climbing on the way back, 28m going (all climbing / descent on rough chipseal surface):

  • HPV Grasshopper ~ 14.2mph
  • Raptobike ~15.2mph
  • ICE 'S' ~ 12.9mph
Not flat out effort, but not cruising either ;)


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Average speed? If I'm racing, 25-27mph for anything up to an hour, down to 20mph for anything hilly over 3 hours. Touring can be anything - last Sunday was around 5 hours at 9.5mph (including a stop). It's good to have some fast rides and some slow rides - adds a bit of variety and helps improve overall fitness.


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Cycled to/from Salzburg today. About 48km (29,83 miles) each way. Averaged 24,32kmh (15,11mph) on the way in but only 16,93kmh (10,52mph) on the way back. Though that latter figure does include the time I spent in McDonalds! The average gradient favours cycling to Salzburg, and the cramping calf-muscles also didn't help on the way back either.

PS: This was on a Bacchetta Giro 26, carrying the textbooks for my German course.
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