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Wondering how I should handle 'interactions' I have at this junction as part of my journey home.,203.43,,0,6.07

It's a bit of a steep little climb, and I'm coming from the perspective of the camera, going straight on up the hill. As it's quite steep, I'm usually going pretty darn slow, and stopping is a bit of a problem.

I've had a couple of nasty incidents where suits in fancy cars have come from the left going straight on to the right, paying me no heed at all while I've been in the middle of the 'junction' and either almost running me over or honking and gesticulating frustratedly.

It's a bit of a weird junction must be said without an obvious 'straight across' and wait lines either side showing who has priority, so what should I do if I see someone approaching from the left (or indeed right) primed to go straight across in front of me as I approach? Try to make eye contact and honk madly if they are about to hit me, or stop and let the pass?

Or find another route?
If there are no signs or road marking to indicate who has priority, then anyone approaching this junction should give way to the right!


Be assertive, keep the bike rolling slowly when you get there. Put your hand up to thank them. As in thank them before you've started moving as if to say 'I'm going, you're waiting, thanks'

Works for me and it doesn't give them excuses for honking or making hand gestures.

If you get a honk despite this, put your hand up again and say sorry. Costs you nothing and diffuses the situation.


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The road goes around to the left, so in effect you're turning right across their path when you go "straight" on, so should only do so when safe to proceed. As you said not nice to be stuck waiting in the middle of the junction with an uphill start looking for a gap in the traffic.

I thought there might be more problems with traffic from the right(regent st) wanting to turn tight right up the oneway street(park row) just as you enter
addictfreak said:
If there are no signs or road marking to indicate who has priority, then anyone approaching this junction should give way to the right!

It pays to look at the picture first doesnt it:blush::smile:

The Junction is clearly marked (now that i have looked). Cant really see what your problem is.


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Fair enough. Guess I would know these things if I'd learned to drive :blush:

Damn, I now feel bad about the couple of altercations I've had there ... they were my fault ... oops!

Traffic from the right turning right isn't really a problem, as there's not much reason to go up that way if you are coming from that direction, as you'll just end up going back on yourself.


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You could always get off and walk across if it feels safer.As others have said those coming from the left have priority and you'll have to wait for a gap.


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you're mistaking it for a cross roads but it isn't, and it's not your right of way. as you reach the bend you are the one giving way. this is not a cross roads, the road only bends round to the left. that's why they are honking you. you should treat it as if you are turning right on a straight road, and give way to any traffic coming round the bend from the left (which would be "oncoming" traffic), even if they then turn into the road on your right (which is their "left" and technically they should be indicating but even if they aren't it's still their right of way).

to go "straight on" up the hill, what you are actually doing is turning right and then immediately hooking left. Therefore, you should approach the junction in the same position as you would if the road was straight, wait and cross the oncoming lane (which because the road bends is from the left) when there is no traffic.

you can "ignore" traffic at the stop line that is coming out of the road from your right, or from down the hill you want to go up, because that traffic should be should be stopping at that double line and giving way to you. (keep an eye on it though, in case they don't understand the junction either)
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