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We all hate it when the cyclist infront's lycra is a little old or worn so as its getting or is clearly see though now the question if that cyclist is ( in my case) Male ( or the same sex) i feel quite alright though very awkward in mentioning it if its very bad depending on if the opportunity comes up ( ie traffic lights etc) if how ever it is an attractive female i have to admitted i bust a gut to pass and ignore the fact thou it can be awkward when there is no place to pass or she is on a "hot run" what do you feel?

and ladies would you take offence to someone mentioning it?

(FYI had this situation on route home had to follow due to traffic for about three miles before i could pass)


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I once went to see my bank manger about a mortgage. It was a sunny spring day and as she sat with her back to the window the bright light rendered her effectively top less through her white blouse. Kept her talking for hours!

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One time I was following a very attractive young girl on a knackered mountain bike. She was wearing a thin, worn pair of black leggings and it was chucking down with rain. You could, quite simply, see her arse.

Being a chivalrous gent, I followed her very, very closely for miles, thus blocking the view for other road users.
May be they are not aware of it? I have had to point this out to my OH in the past and got that look "excuse to spend money".
would I take offense. no, but I have a pretty robust nature and apparently a good b......

same sex - I would mention it if the opportunity arises at the next set of lights next time around...
"Don't take this the wrong way, but did you know your lycra is wearing a little thin?"

(but I got used to yelling at teenager boys to show a little less of their underwear whilst working in a boarding school, so don't shy away as much as may be I should).


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I would want someone to tell me if my shorts needed changing. It is always worse when the sub is low in the sky.


It's the same as the question "do you tell somebody their flies are down?"
Do you?
I generally wouldn't.
I have pointed out to a couple of ladies that they're revealing more than they might have realised -and be thanked. I would like somebody to tell me if I had lost a button, ripped my pants, got toilet paper stuck to my shoe etc.
I'm not sure I'd appreciate a cyclist passing by telling me they could see my fat ass though.


I see that 1970 is alive and well in some people's minds.

Back to the OP, I think Sandra has it right. There are some situations in which I'd tell someone their flies were down or their Lycra had gone see-through. I don't think any of those situations would involve a complete stranger on the open road, though.
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