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Hi guys,after asking my local bikeshop for a price on fitting a new axle they told me that these wheels cant be fixed id be better off buying new wheels!
Anyway i measured old one as found a perfect replacment at halfords!
I stripped out old one but did not take note of wat way it went back together-silly me

can someone shed some light on what way to fit this new axle to my rear axle ,
do i fit it as pictured?
Which side goes to cassette side?
How do i set it up in relation to dropouts ect gap and so on ?
What do i watch out for/pitfalls ect Cheers


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Solid bolt on axles fit differently to hollow quick release axles.
That looks like sold axle designed for a wheel with a screw on freewheel. Is that what you have?


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Hi not solid, its a hollow axle qr i bought to match the one i took off ,there shimano freehub


You need to set one of the locknut/ cones to the correct distance so the end of the hollow axle is just short of the external face of the frame dropout. Set the freehub side this way.
If the axle is the correct length for your bike when you adjust the non freehub side so the wheel spins freely, the end should also be short of the external face of the dropout. Hollow axles should never extend beyond the dropout face or else the QR skewer will fail to tighten.
Good luck with cone and locknut thickness and with the length of spacer on drive side.
Parktools usually has good video instructions.


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Use the old cones! Don't risk the new ones as the balls may sit in the wrong place or the seals won't match the dustcaps.
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