Ay-Up back in the UK!


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After pulling out before, it appears that Ay-Up are back in the UK :biggrin:

Got this in an email from them today:

"On the 21st of June Ay Up Lighting Systems (UK) Ltd will be launched

Orders placed from within the UK and Europe will be processed from our distribution centre based in Leicester UK. This means that shipping costs will be much lower, customers will have speedy delivery (next day for the UK and max 3 days for European orders), plus all prices will already include the compulsory 17.5% VAT. There will be no additional taxes or costs for orders shipped within the UK and EU."

Excellent news.


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That should make them a bit more affordable !

By the time I paid the postage and import taxes they turned out to be an expensive luxury.

Having said that they are very good

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