Back after 35 years

You must be made of iron. If I take a 35 day break from cycling it takes me a few weeks to get fit again. Never mind 35 years then cycling Hull to Fackenham.


Welcome :smile:. Just out of curiosity are you riding the bike from 35 years ago? Or have you bought something more modern.
I'm back cycle touring after quite an absence. So much stuff you can buy now and lightweight too, but I’ll keep it simple! My first outing will just be an overnight local then another further away and Hull to Fackenham in September
Yes some very nice stuff indeed - materials tech has come on apace - but I'd caution against getting too suckered into the lightweight lightweight world. Embrace the positives, save your money by not absolutely buying into the weight weenie craze - spend the money on a good solid bike, racks, tent, panniers. You are on a bike - not carrying it all on your back.

I do think this place should have a camping section. Camping and cycling are perfect bedfellows.

Check out planet X for some good value stuff - drybags and the like.
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My last bike was a Raleigh Pursuit, bought 30 years ago, hardly ridden. When I came to look for a new bike I couldn't believe how much they had come on. The bits are all the same but everything seems better, lighter, prettier lol.
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