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Hi all. First took up cycling in 2010 has I needed to lose a load of weight ( lost 6 stone) BUT winter came and I stopped cycling, all the weight went back on and I've struggled since. Just bought another pushbike to get back into it and am loving it again. Gonna ask my brother if he fancies doing a Leeds to Wigan ride. My mate let me down a couple of years ago and I really want to do it.
Question is How far is the Cut from the Station
I'm really up for this in the summer

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Hi and :welcome:

I'm glad you're back on the bike. Good luck with the Leeds - Wigan ride. Let us know how you are progressing and there is always someone helpful around if you need to ask anything.:okay:


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Hi Mick

Sorry I can't help with your query about the Cut and the Station but welcome to the forum! Lots of people on here have lost loads of weight cycling so there is plenty of advice around.

Keeping on cycling during winter is a perennial problem especially if where you live is particularly rainy, but it's really worth it. Some people use indoor trainers - you put your bike up on a set of rollers and puff away indoors - works for some I believe! I've never used one but here's a good article:

The first winter I cycled was cold but lovely and dry so there was little ice, barely any rain and no snow in spite of the very low temperatures. The next one was wetter and I cycled a lot less! I try to remember: there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!
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