Back on the bike!

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by PrettyboyTim, 6 May 2008.

  1. PrettyboyTim

    PrettyboyTim New Member

    I'd been off the bike for a couple of weeks with back trouble, and today was my first ride in since then, and what a beautiful day to do it! The sun was shining, and the traffic was placid. Lovely!
  2. Back back on the bike Brettyboy Bim - take it easy.:rolleyes:
  3. magnatom

    magnatom Guest

    Fair weather cyclist......:rolleyes:

    Glad your back on and I hope the back holds up!
  4. jely

    jely New Member

    am glad to hear you're feeling better... and it's an absolutely superb day!! :rolleyes:
  5. OP

    PrettyboyTim New Member

    Actually, it's gone from hurting at my lower back to hurting just below my shoulderblades, but the hurt's not that bad, so I'm ignoring it :rolleyes:
  6. magnatom

    magnatom Guest

    Ah, so your not such a .....big jessie then! :rolleyes:
  7. goo_mason

    goo_mason Champion barbed-wire hurdler

    Leith, Edinburgh
    Ooooooo.... Magnotom beat me to it this time ;)

    Glad you're on the mend, PBT. You chose the right day to start back, eh ? It's lovely out there. :rolleyes:
  8. MERV

    MERV New Member

    The Mile End Road
    Nice one time and it's about time we had some nice weather.
  9. stephenb

    stephenb Über Member

    i've been off for about 4 months with one thing and another, made an effort today, and it was so well worth it, stunning day. bet I pay for it tomorrow though.
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