"Back" on the bike


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On 1st of Jan this year i slipped a disc in my back and was in absolute agony. I never thought i'd walk again, let alone ride a bike. After MRI scans, cortisone injections, lots and lots of pills, and many physio sessions i was given the go ahead to try a few gentle bike rides about a fortnight ago.

Today however, i did what i would call my first proper ride, a 14 mile each way commute to work. I started very gently but within a mile or so on both legs of the journey i was back in the groove

With tomorrow being 6 months since the worst day of my life it really is good to be back on the bike!

The rest of this year will just be building up the mileage slowly so that i am ready for Sportive mileage next year.

Happy Days!!!:thumbsdown::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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Well done on the recovery and enjoy getting back out on the bike in this glorious weather. Do take it slowly though, it can be so easy to get impatient getting back to where you were before. Happy riding!


Lukesmum had the same thing about 10 years ago,just kicked the dogs ball and it went. Know what your going through give it time,and youll get back to where you were.
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