Back on the saddle have a few quick questions

So my wife and I have bought new bikes to go out riding with our 5 year old

I've bought a Boardman 8.6 and so has the wife only difference is the frames style and sizes

Both have 700cc x37mm wheels

Nice bikes but we want a few additions mainly mudguards all round for my wife's and a pannier rack and either just front mudguard for mine or if possible the pannier rack and a mud flap on the back

This is where I get a bit lost as to what I need

Halfords say on the beaver SKS beaver tail will fit but can't say for sure and also can't advise which pannier rack will fit either

Sorry if this a very obvious question


I assume you both have the HYB models? If so you will have these fitting points.

Standard mudguards will fit if the model is correct. SKS do good guards- get those that fit 37-40mm tyres

Topeak, is a good make for pannier rack and bags. I have the touring slide on bags which fold neatly away when not used. All these mudguards and pannier racks require a degree of adaption, but usually just a bend of a bracket or two to fit501215




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Yes think mine has those points I'll check

Is it possible to have rear guards and pannier rack
Yes, there are two sets of threaded holes near the wheel hub to allow rack and panniers. The horizontal bolts near the seat are for the panniers. The hole top of the seat stay is for mudguard mount, as is the bolt behind the bottom bracket
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