bad driving tonight.

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by angusde, 21 Nov 2007.

  1. Unusually, I had to take the car to work today as I was dropping off and picking up my daughter, but, on the way home through Edinburgh (along Broomhouse drive for those who know it) I saw a example of really bad driving.

    About 1745 as I was heading West, the Eastbound line of traffic stationary at the lights was being overtaken by a well lit cyclist, when to my surprise one of these cars pulls out, attempting to reach the wider bit of road at the lights where it goes into 2 lanes just as the cyclist is passing him, forcing the cyclist to take avoiding action by swerving into the middle of my lane head on!! Luckily I'd been keeping one eye on the cyclist etc and we had a bit of distance but it was patently obvious the driver had absolutely no idea he was there! Truly shocking.

    My subsequent thought was if there had been a accident would folk be trying to put some of the blame on the cyclist for not using the relatively good (and well used) cycle lane along there?

  2. Jacomus-rides-Gen

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    The driver who hit the cyclist / caused the cyclist to crash would have tried to pin all the blame on the cyclist.

    Luckily the CTC campaign to keep the wording relating to the use of cycle lanes in the HC, giving cyclists the choice rather than the obligation to use cycle paths means that this avenue of legal attack would be relatively obscured.

    Most drivers would agree that bikes shouldn't be on the road anyway because they are so dangerous, none of them have lights and none of them obey the rules. The cyclist would be blamed for damaging the motorists car, and possibly their mental health with his sheer audacity not only to cycle on roads paid for by Road Tax of which he obviously pays none as his cycle is clearly his only mode of transport. Everyone would agree that the poor motorist was blameless, and a small bunch of people on cycle fora would be left foaming at the mouth yet again...
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    some fault with the cyclist though, if you're passing a line of stationary traffic, spec in the dark, you have to be aware of the chance of cars pulling out, don't do it too fast or tight basically
  4. HJ

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    The driver has a responsibility to other road users, this is why mirror are fitted to their cars by law. Unfortunately, most of them don't understand either the word responsibility or the reason why mirror are fitted to their cars by law. Sad but true. As a cyclist you have to ride defensively and don't expect driver to drive with due care and attention. The off road cycle path along Broomhouse Drive is fine, it you want to turn off and go somewhere else. If you do, then it is a really pain and rather dangerous as the driver don’t seam to understand that cyclist has equal rights.
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    As a cyclist you have equal rights, until you dare to go slower than 30mph and then woe betide you:

  6. Try to make sure they have seen you?
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