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On my hybrid flat bar bike I have one of those handle bar bags which are so handy for carrying things in as dont like having a heavy bag on my back. however I am changing to a drop bar road bike and I don't think my bag will fit and/or be practical for when I go out cycling, at the moment Im only using my bike occasionaly for commuting purposes but will be using it for college in the future. what sort of options do I have? i thought of just getting one of those saddle packs which can hold my chain, keys, phone, purse few snacks etc and also a few layers. then i thought of looking into getting a pannier for when im visiting friends house and doing shopping, or would my handle bar bag be okay? sorry for all the questions:blush:


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how about a rucksack?

If your going for a road bike make sure it can take panniers, or buy a tourer with dropped bars


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The little saddle packs are good for spare tubes & multi tool. Most are too small to fit in much in the way of clothing / food

As to handlebar bags ....
I bought a whole lot of these for our family's bikes and they all fitted drop bars OK. The only one that's given me grief to fit is not a drop bar - it's a flattish bar with a slight "rise" in it. I've had to ditch the supplied bracket and replace it with a Rixen-Kaul to get it to fit. I've got a few spare if you want one? They are about 4 litres capacity which I've found is a good size for a rain jacket, extra jersey, a few sarnies, camera etc. Anything bigger than that and the temptation is to load it with unnecessary "just in case" stuff.


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Ortlieb shopping panniers are what I use - really easy to fit onto exisiting rack, carries all my work stuff - but easy to carry around with adjustable handles when off the bike - if I am stopping off at the supermarket on way home I take both and can get a good load.
Try it out!

Many tourists use bar bags with drops. I certainly use mine on all the bikes includingthe Airnimal which is a drop with STI changers
I have some different sized Topeak wedges (my largest one is expanding) depending what I want to carry. I also carry soft stuff in my rear jersey pockets. For emergencies when I need to carry something extra, I have a small scrunch bag in there. Occasionally however for planned excess loads I have a larger Ortlieb saddle bag and given the list you describe that'd probably be best for you.
As Cunobelin says you may actually find your current bag works.


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it wont take my handle bar bag:sad: but it can hold panieers. so think i will look into that, at the moment I have a some saddle bag for holding a few bits and piecew.


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My two pennies...

Get some panniers.

Get some good ones, even if you squirm at the price and have to save for them, or feel guilty at the investment.

Buy once, not twice.

You really will not regret it.


Best wishes
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