Ban power meters ?

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by tom73, 25 Oct 2018.

  1. tom73

    tom73 Senior Member

  2. have no idea if that's a good or a bad idea.

    I do recall reading Michael Hutchinson's opinion it would make little difference as the pros can judge their output by feel anyway. I can't find the original quote. Actually I can't be bothered to look for it, so you'll have to take my word for it.

    Sod's law predicts that if this were done, whatever the intended consequences were, the actual consequences would be different.
  3. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    I am in favour, ban race radios too.
  4. TissoT

    TissoT Über Member

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  5. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    Just had one fitted in the kitche.Oops it’s a smart meter
  6. To save me looking ... He's said it again

  7. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    And again, and again, and again...
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  8. Blimey what happened there?

    All cleaned up now
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  9. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    Makes my post look really stupid now :sad:
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