Barbie doll will be internet connected to chat to kids


Cracking a solo.

With bonus bike for good measure


Turbo Rider

Just can't reMember
In January, security researcher Ken Munro discovered a vulnerability in its software, which allowed for it to be hacked to say things that might not be suitable for children.

Should be enough of a reason to not get one...though the negative press they most definitely get when it goes wrong will be highly ammusing.


"Toys have to keep up with the expectations of children," said Natasha Crookes, director of communications for the British Toy and Hobby Association.

A statement which goes some way to explaining why children act like pr1cks these days, how people can't afford other important things, like paying rent / mortgage / heating / electricity bills and why a lot of children lack imagination and / or positive social skills...amongst other things...probably...
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