The wife and I are just back from a 3 night break to Barcelona. What a great city!! Been wanting to go for years and it didn't disappoint. Did all the touristy things - Bus Touristic, La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi houses and musemn and the Nou Camp. Our hotel was really good as well in fact the only fly in the ointment was the flights farce courtesy of Messers Globespan - 7 hour delay going out, 6 hour coming back!!!!;):smile:!
But the one thing that really suprised me was the number of bikes and cycle commuters. Brave people as the traffic is pretty chaotic.


It's a cracking city. :becool:.

Went there on my stag do (I wanted to stay in the UK but was dragged along). After friday night out we got up Saturday and took a straw poll as to what to do. The most popular suggestion was to find an Irish Bar and watch premiership football :becool:.
What a bunch of tossers :becool:. They're my mates so I'm entitled to call them that ;).

So a few of us went off and did a good few of the things you describe above Arranandy. It is a wonderfull place with plenty to do and see. I've been back twice since and they still haven't finished that Cathedral.:smile:
I took mrs ss a few years ago she demanded we went the nou camp, after the game a old boy in a linen suit and bow tie sang to the fans on the underground.

all very civilised , no chavs , out late but nice and relaxed, lovely. ;)


starseven said:
all very civilised , no chavs , out late but nice and relaxed, lovely. ;)

What would be Spanish for chav?

One thing about the place which left me cold was the bird stalls on Las Ramblas. Unless we were very much mistaken they just fold them up into themselves and the birds are left there overnight and have a full day of being stuck in a cage the next day to look forward to. Ad infinitum. If they are lucky somebody will buy them and take them home and put them in a cage.
If they are very lucky they might end up as Tapas and go to the great birdcage in the sky.


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Barcelona is my 2nd fave city after NYC. I lived 60 miles away from Barca 20 yrs ago, used to go there lots. It's ace. Spanish has the word "chaval" meaning a young chap, mate, geezer, etc, but not sure if it's used colloquially these days. And of course different bits will different slang etc.


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I loved Barcelona too, isn't La Sagrada Familia breathtaking when you walk round the corner and it's suddenly there looming over you? Did you climb right up into the towers?


Hotel recommendations please ?
sheddy said:
Hotel recommendations please ?

The hotel we stayed in was called the Hotel Center Barcelona on the corner of Balmes/Mallorca in the Eixemple district. It was about 10 minutes walk from the top of La Ramblas and the Placa de Catalunya. It was a great hotel, booked it through Expedia

Never got to up the towers at La Sagrada Familia:sad: as the missus suffers a bit from vertigo.
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