Bartali frame

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I'm looking at a bartali frame
Its Columbus with chrome fork seat stays and chainstays

Dont know much about the bartali brand after the 60.s and who made them
So after abit of knowledge if anybody knows anything about the frames if they are reputable or collectable

Here's what I know so far

After leaving the Legnano Team, in 1948 Gino Bartali founded his own team: Cicli Bartali. The bicycles for the racing team and for the commercial use were produced until 1955 by the brothers Santamaria in Novi Ligure - good friends of Fausto Coppi - then by Margherita brothers, and starting from 1960 by Galmozzi (San Pellegrino Team).


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Anything Italian and from the last century has got to be good, ask @woodbutcher .
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