I sometimes find myself watching baseball late at night/early in the morning due to the lack of "anything else worth watching". However, it's not really worth watching either. Despite me watching it I cannae see what the attraction is. I'm sure it must mean something to many people but I just cannae "get it" at all. It has now got to "World Series" stage and there would appear some level of hysteria has been reached.

should I just whoop and holler?


The game is being played at 5820 feet altitude and the baseballs are placed in a humidor. Seemingly. Aye, whatever. Quite a few mullets , preppie wear and tank tops on display (from the studio/commentators at least)


Very strange outfit they wear as well. There would seem to be an over representation of pseudo-beards.

Oh feck, here's someone away to warble the anthem! xx(

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Baseball is the nearest the Americans have to a sport. It's great fun telling them that we have it in the UK as well but it is only played by little schoolgirls and is called rounders.
i went to a match when i was in Chicago. everyone got very excited when a run was hit... i stood and cheered when someone hit the ball out of the 'park'.

alas, he wasn't a Chicago player.

i think it's better to watch on tv, you can flick around when there's nothing happening on the field, which is most of the time.



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I used to watch baseball. Never could understand why it was so good. I've even tried it, and thought it was a waste of time. Too much standing around aswell.
Maybe the womens version is better?

I thought womens beach vollyball was the best sport the americans have?
I'm cricket mad, always have been, always will be; but I have NO interest (or knowledge xx() of baseball! Can't see the attraction of it at all.
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