BB for a retro build trek 2002 8500


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Hi all . . .Help !!
I recently bough a second hand trek frame (2002 8500) and need to buy a bottom bracket the shell is 73mm but I am unsure on the spindle length, having looked far and wide for a solution I came across a trek spec sheet that stated the spindle length is 135.5mm (square taper) however I cant find one any where online. could anyone possibly suggest one in your store that would fit? any suggestion would be most appreciated
The only thing I can find for Trek 8500 is here, page 91, numbers are on bottom of pages,
don’t go by On screen counter, look at number on the page.
Says it’s 73x113 , measure the one you have on your bike.
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Here is a link to Trek models, year 2002 , go to page 37 for the 8500.
It states the bottom bracket is 73 x 113 ISIS Splined.
The ISIS Splined part is important If you want to use your current cranks.
So it must be a 73 x 113 bottom bracket, the bracket must be marked ISIS Splined.

But you still need to take your cranks off, and screw out the threaded cups
from the bottom bracket, clean everything up and look for markings
that either support the information I found, as there is a chance someone
changed the bb and the cranks, just be sure before ordering parts.
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