BB30 crankset removal

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Has anyone removed the cranks from a BB30?
Done square taper & Isis before but puzzled how to remove drive and non drive cranks with the BB30.
The very few 'workshop' pdf s from the web are non too clear sadly.


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Here you go. This should help. Park Tools


These are the latest external jobs, no?

If so I've done one with a mate. You need a (nother) special spanner, a C spanner for the cups. Your standard crank puller will take these off.

There's a good section on the Park Tools website on how to sort it out, a video. It's pretty intuitive if you have done the standard ones. At least it's better engineering than Isis!
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Cheers for the Park Tool,
so if I have got this right it is undo with a 10mm allen key to remove non drive side first then knock out the drive side with a rubber mallet? Simple as that?

Thats all I want to do as I just need to get to the frame - I dont want to be uninstalling the actual bearings.
I was in a dizzy last week and went on the bike in switched off mode and managed to throw the chain off inner ring which despite stopping pedalling instantly has still managed to scrape the frame
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