BBC 7 Days Quiz 17/05/2019



Sleeper Agent - 6/7 (but confusingly said 6/6...)

I can also confidently predict there'll be no zeroes today
Yeah, I got the same (marked out of six) ...

Salty seadog

Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

Bonefish Blues

Banging donk
52 Festive Road
One wrong, says 5/6 in its usual odd way, re-checked, actually 6/7, can't be bothered to keep re-redoing it until it actually tells me my correct 6/7 as it's already simply ruined what should have been a beautiful, nay triumphant near miss. I hate it, I really do, in fact I suspect it's simply got me on a blacklist, and has been toying with my emotions this year. Other than that, nothing to report :smile:
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