BBC against cycling


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NO - the BBC told her she shouldn't be attending a political event (not a cycling event) as it breached their neutrality requirements. Given that she ignored her bosses and that Ken Livingstone then went on to make some unnecessarily snide political comments whilst she was on stage with him, it's not surprising the BBC are pissed off.

Yup, that's how I read it.


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So will this mean that the Hovis Freewheel event is political and anyone who attends is a pawn in the mayor's hands? Have there not been other occasions when BBC presenters have appeared on platforms with politicians to promote events?

This sounds like a traditional Brian Coleman rent-a-rant (who I believe has something of an anti-cycling track record).


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So if an event is pro-cycling but attended by a politician, BBC childrens presenters shouldn't attend becayuse the politician can't be trusted to keep his gob shut? Sorry, but thats quite clearly a load of balls.


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Red Ken said:
During the press conference to launch the Hovis London Freewheel, Jenny Jones – a Green Party London Assembly member – and I briefly referred to Barnet’s spending on cycling and the Assembly Member for Barnet’s £10,000 taxi bill. Far from being the “political rant” Mr Coleman suggests, this was a moment of jokey banter. It was certainly not in any way party political – no political parties were even mentioned.

Jokey banter, like the nazi camp commander thing?

Ken should really have a think, if that's not political point scoring, then i don't know what is........


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Seems to be rather a parochial issue. Although it would be a good idea to increase the level of cycling in an area which has the lowest level of regular cyclist in the UK.


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zimzum42 said:
Ken used the platform he had to make political statements. simple. she should not have been there.
Ridiculous. Because someone else chose to make it political a celebrity whos say might sway children to take up cycling shouldn't be there? Whatever happened to the greater good?
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