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I have just watched a news report on the BBC about a crackdown on RLJ in london.

They stated that they will be giving out fines to people jumping the lights which i am all for.

What they did say though is that they will issue fines to people riding on the pavement (Ok with this) and people not wearing helmets...Have i missed something as i did not know it was a leagal requirement to wear a helmet?


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Sounds like a garbled report. Whilst checking the BBC website I found this sad report to get things in perspective:


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Yeah they definitely mentioned helmets. I think it was just a mistake in the research they did.

Still I always wear a helmet on my commute :wacko:


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Some people do mistakenly think helmet and hiviz are legal requirements. If you have a link to any article or online video of the peice then send it to the CTC as I'm sure they'd love to talk to the beeb on the subject. :tongue:
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