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has changed dramatically :wacko: in order to be the same 'experience' on phones, tablets and PCs. It appears to be dumbed down with lots of video (I have a 1mb connection) and vast areas of whitespace makes it difficult to read without getting a headache.

What good alternatives do you use for UK and World news?


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Its rather blaaaaaaaannnnddd


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To be fair, the change was flagged up quite a while ago and its design reflects the demography of the users - around two thirds of the access is through tablets and mobile phones and the desk top/lap top accesses is dropping steadily. A responsive design best meets the needs of the BBC - only one adaptive template is needed, it's easier to maintain, cheaper to operate but sometimes unpleasing to the eye. Look back at the first incarnations of the BBC web site - the new one is preferable to those.


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If you have a tablet. Flipboard is really good.


I think the redesign of the News website is ok, a bit too much white space when viewing on my pc.

The redesign of the News App on Android a few weeks ago was and still is a complete mess.

Reuters is a good alternative.
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