Beautiful classic old school rig with trailer...

Tree Occult

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...ladies, with basket and eco case. haha. this rig could make someone money...ina eco stylee.

Item in Tunbridge Wells, West Kent for viewings and collection. I'll put some picks up later....maybe. It looks good, black and in excellent condition.


You can email me at grimus108(antispamremove) or phone 01248 450 783


This thread is worthless without pics.

Tree Occult

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Not, really you could always phone me up! are some pics anyway peeps. It all works apart from a slight puncture in one of the trailer tyres...which I can't be bothered to fix..likewise the paint job for the trailer box - you'll have to do that yourself. I've been told that its worth between £500 and £1000, so I'm taking offers. Get into the 'eco' business before the real panic hits the mainstream and save face!


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Thats a Hero, made by the Hero Bycle company of India

Despite its looks its a new or almost new bike, they have all the old Raleigh machine tools that were used to make rod braked pioneers, they made them in Nottingham right up until the early 80s

Its certainly not worth £500 let alone £1000, a geniune period roadster will go from around the £150-£200 mark, and thats if its pre 50s and in very good nick, preferably a Raleigh, Rudge or a Triumph Sunbeam, I know this because I am involved in a bike reycyling charity and we have sold to collectors from all over the UK

You could probably buy and ship a Hero for £100

I stand by my earlier comment on this sale being dodgy, I am afraid that I shall have to bid you good day and turn my back on you now as you bring shame upon the forum.
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