Beautiful day

So I escaped this afternoon for a ride, 14.4 miles in the undulating Kent countryside, 1hr and 10minutes, it was one of those perfect rides today, never wanted to stop and when I got back to the unit I realised I needed to find a longer route for next week.


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+1. Had to take the hound for its morning walk out to the woods this morning, and I've never seen them lovelier...the sun coming thru' the leaves that haven't quite lost spring's lime-greenness.

Aint Skeered

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I had to deliver a horsebox that I have just done some paintwork on.
Rather than take another driver, I slung the bike in the back and had a very pleasent recovery ride back from hickstead in the sunshine.
No extra labour or fuel, and a steady 16 miles in the log


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Been playing football today in the sun, the benefits of working 10pm-6am, sleep until 2 and the rest of the day is yours :laugh:


Uncle Mort said:
Sounds great. And nobody's spoilt it yet by mentioning that song...:laugh:
Nobody apart from you!

Was a beautiful day here too, took the longer lumpier route home and it was just perfect. Had been casting jealous looks throughout the day at the hills that can be seen from work.


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I'm jealous. I'm stuck in Lagos for a week then going on to Ivory Coast, Ghana and finishing next week in Liberia. Still, it's rainy season here so temperatures aren't above 30 but there's nothing to do and I'm piling on the weight from all this beer and good food.



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That sound lovely we also went out this afternoon to Holt Country Park and cycled around the woods on our mountain bikes. we even had a deer run out in front of us. Then we decides to try a rabbler's circular footpath on our bikes which took us through corn fields and over stiles.
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