Been a good week but..


extimus uero philosophus
..always a but. Some people dont half like ruining your fun. Spotted 3 drivers on mobiles yesterday morning (one was a girl scraping her tryes down the kerb as she drove towards her chosen parking space, thats good for the car, silly girl). Left hooked by a blue van on tuesday.. overtaken too close by another blue van on wednesday and felt by the way he swerved towards me that he was either doing something he shouldnt be or it was somekind of attempt to put me in the gutter.

Then these two topped it off on the way home today. I pull up to a minirab, nothing to my right, on my left at some distance is a merc. As I get halfway around I realise he's speeding up towards me so I eyeball him and mouth, mostly to myself "are you stopping?" Thankfully he did. Halfway into the minirab.


Then 10 minutes later I'm riding uptowards a red light. 4 cars infront and I check behind to see a lttle hatchback about 30 feet behind. I signal to let them know I'm going right and taking primary and she still decided she HAD to be infront. She gave me 10 feet to stop so I think I shouted out "what ARE you doing?!" and shook me head. I was not best pleased.

Oddly she had a little girl in the passenger seat who kept looking around at me. I realised after that she had seen my Homer "Doh!" jersey.

Right, had to get that out of my system.
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