Beginners mountain bike - advice please!

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I am looking to pick up a beginners mountain bike, predominantly for casual cycling on roads, in woodlands and along footpaths etc. My preferred budget is around £300 but I could stretch to £400 depending whether the extra money would be worth it. I'm really not looking for anything flashy at all. I'm 23, around 5"7 and 14 stone.

I've found a few online - see links below. Are these decent beginner bikes? Struggling to decide as I know nothing about bikes so don't really understand the specs at all.

Any help would be much appreciated - feel free to post suggestions etc!


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Decathlon bikes are pretty decent value and you're bound n to have one near you.
You really don't need a mountain bike the type of cycling you'll be doing, you might find a hybrid better.
Entry level bikes with front suspension have poor quality forks which you really don't need anyway.
At that price point a MTB will be about 4kg heavier than non sus hybrid which you'll real feel on the hills.
What about this?
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Cycleops, I am looking for something for the path in the woods. I would need to fit a rack ,and a wooden box to carry up to 4 plant pots containing young trees (hobby/interest) and a small steeel spade about 3ft long. Slightly unusual I know, but my main cycling is on road bikes. I want something simply for use in the woods that I can carry my stuff on.

The Marasa in your link might fir the bill? Is this online retail only. Would have liked to see in person etc.
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