Belated Hello from Coventry


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Hi Everyone,
Not my first post, but thought i ought to say hello.

Im 39 and live in coventry. I have only recently got back into cycling after having put on loads of weight after spinal surgery.
Which has also put paid to my motorcycling.

I started going for short rides with friends, and have recently upgraded to a Specialized Allez Elite.

My personal goals are to complete a charity ride of 26 miles in about 2 hours, and next year enter an Audax.
At present im only managing 15 miles with and average of 13mph, so a fair bit of work required there to get on the pace.

Anyone in coventry, feel free to drop me a line im always up for a run out.



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Hi Phil.

I go back to Cov several times a year and have a singlespeed bike at my sister's house which I try to get out on at least a couple of times per visit. I ride from Coundon up round Corley/Fillongley way. If you fancy the sound of that, I'll let you know when I'm down next (probably mid-May and late June).
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