Best bike racks for work

I am looking at getting some biek racks installed for the shift workers (which includes me) near to where we work and was wondering if there were andy designs of rack which were head and shoulders above the rest and, more importantly, if there were any best avoided.
I don't like the idea of the Sheffield type as I can forsee lots of scratched paint, and the type you slot your front wheel only into I understand can bend said wheel's rim?
Any comments/feedback gratefully received.
Hi Browser, the Sheffield type stand is about the best you get, they're many different variations of them if your worried about scratching and as you said stick away from the wheel bender.

You could maybe check out some street furniture catalogues for ideas. I quite like a rack that has a lower section such as a M'stand or a horizontal that I can lock too or has a slightly angled/curved rear.



The rounded sheffield stands are fine - it's the older angluar ones that duff up the paint job. There are quite a few old ones in norwich that were made to blend in with the street furniture design which means they're covered in edges and points and the bars going into the ground are too big for most D-lock's shanks.

If it's on the premises, you could see if they'd go for shed racks? The ones at our office have slotted ramps for the wheels, and steel posts and hoops to support and lock the bikes.

Something like this (though the ones I mean have rails for the rear wheels too).
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