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Hi all

I have been commuting to work now for 18 months its 4.5 miles each way no hills and takes me around 15 to 20 mins dependent on witch route i take.

In the next few months i will be moving further away from my place of work its around double the mileage about 10 miles each way and a few more hills. My current bike a GT Transeo 5.0 is well up to the job but as for me i feel fit enough to do it, i just want the correct clothing to try and make the ride as comfy as possible.

Currently i ride to work in a normal t shirt shorts and trainers, in the winter its jeans, t shirt, jumper, and windstopper jacket no water proofs i just got socked in the rain.

I m looking for recomendations on what to buy i need a good jacket, shorts, gloves etc, dont want to spend a fortune but would like qulity clothing. i tend to wear shorts as long as i can not to fussed on water proofs as i get changed at work any way but dont want somthing that will make me sweat so must be breathable.

Cheers for any help :smile:


Jeans and cotton T shirts are about the worst thing to wear on a bike. If it gets wet it stays wet. You then get cold as it dries. You can test this with a cotton T shirt, wet it, whirl it about then feel it. Still wet, cold and unpleasant feeling.

Go to an outdoor clothing shop - Blacks, Cotswold, Decathlon, etc. You also get decent stuff from Aldi etc, have a check of things like zips etc and if they look good, go for it. You are looking for a synthetic base layer which will alow sweat to pass through quickly, then if necessary a mid layer (I favour a thin fleece or a wool sweater) and a top layer which should be water/windproof but ideally breathable. Same for leggings, Ron Hill type tracky trousers are great as they are warm when wet, dry fast and stretch with you.
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