Best Cycle to Work partner?

NHS Direct are, it seems, getting a Cycle to Work scheme together (only 8 months after I gave up nagging and bought my bike retail xx(). I've asked whether they might consult staff about the way they do it ;). Any experiences on good and bad partners?

I can feel the dread shadow of Halfrauds spreading over the horizon :smile:!


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Well the best is undoubtedly to "go it alone", ie not use any partner but to sort out the admin themselves. I believe that would let you buy from anyone.
Big organizations may initially be keen to set up with Halfords becuse it's all that many HR reps will know about bikes!
An employee poll in my place (a big telecomms company) was universally set aginst that idea (not surprising. Phew..). We went with Cyclescheme in the end. This is OK, and most high street independent shops are signed up to it, but Cyclescheme precludes using most of the big mail order outfits such as CRC. To do the latter, you'd need to keep your employer independent of any of the schemes.
No news about how good yet but painless so far, and I signed up for my allowance just last week.
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