Best cycling bargain.

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Mr Phoebus

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I wonder if she's a disgruntled employee, and today was her last day there. :eek:

Well done! That's the best bargain I've heard about for a good while. :blush:
I got a touring bike earlier this year which was practically free. I sold another frame for £150 and got everything except the wheelset from a friend who works in the trade for the same amount of money. The bike was an ex showroom model and had a small amount of damage. The wheelset came off the aforementioned frame I sold.

It's a Dawes Ultragalaxy

slow down

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I got one as well (see earlier post) for £33.45, but without the lights. That said I bought one two years ago for my eldest and the lights didn't fit that well (and he won't ride it after dark) so not too fussed about that. I'm happy :blush: , but not as happy as my 7 year old :eek:

I thought we had a good deal when we paid £75 then went back 2 weeks later and noticed it had been reduced to £33 and after moaning at the manager he refunded us the difference :laugh: :tongue:
I think I would be pushing it to get him to refund down to £25 :eek: :blush:

I wish I had bought all their stock and sold on ebay
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