Best ever kids shows growing up.


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Danger Mouse - the original 1980's version with David Jason & Terry Scott providing the main voices. And the spin off series of Count Duckula

(I'd already grown up by the time these came out, but they were bloody funny)


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Did Jim fix it for you?
He fixed it for this lad...


I loved that show, as did a nation of kids. A classmate of mine who'd had heart surgery got Jim to fix it so that he and some chums could play Arsenal. And then it was all to later come out in the wash.

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Let me see...

The Double Deckers (gave us Aswad)
The Banana Splits Good old LSD-fuelled shenanigans. I still want to drive a banana buggy:okay:!!
Any Gerry Anderson show but especially Thunderbirds. Got dead serious when Virgil's eyebrows met.
The Tomorrow People. Even today, I think 'jaunt me in Tim' whenever I meet people called Tim.
Robinson Crusoe. Imported B&W 'filler serial' that went on for about 500 episodes during those long, long hot summer holidays^_^
The Wombles. Just hearing the theme reduces me to being about 7.
Swap Shop. The legendary Tiswas wasn't available in Tyne Tees land until the late 70's, so Swap Shop was for me.
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