Best general use tyre for 27.5" wheels question.


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Thinking of a 27.5" Giant bike for paths & trails. I would also like it to be reasonably quick/easy on the roads as I have to go some miles before getting to the trails.

Does anyone know if 'slimmer' tyres are available i.e. they come with 2.2" but I would like 1.5/1.75 (35/40mm) and I cant seem to find anything near those sizes.

Of course it may be that just putting slicker tyres on would do it but I have no experience of that.
Any thoughts????????


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
@Dave7 - there's;

Continental Tour Ride - which is 1.6"
Schwalbe Marathon - 1.65"

Both of these have solid centre sections, which give you a slick equivalent.

I'm running 2.2" Ardent Race tyres on my Whyte 805 which has the 27.5"/650b wheels.
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