Best get pedalling again then!


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Not ridden much for years, overweight, inactive, unfit and invited to go cycling in Spain this May :smile:

Just sorted out my old steel roadie, a bit of a refresh...cant wait to make a start but alas the weather and shitty roads are putting me off right now. This seems like a great forum, I've enjoyed looking at some of the vintage stuff on here. My bike is a Frank Herety BTW, google brought me here ;)



Welcome to the forum


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Welcome, I have two steel frame bikes but a modern commuter. I started riding again in September, have lost 1.5 stone, I have changed eating habits as well that helped.

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Welcome @Gatters!
Maybe start pedaling in February when the roads are a bit better? In the meantime we will keep you company!
Not be long for spring :smile:


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Welcome back, I'm off the road and in the process of upgrading my old steelie to sti shifters as I've had a few scary moments in the wet when using the downtube shifters.

Roll on the better weather


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:welcome: to CC.
I'm being put off by the ice and cold at the moment too. Just a few degrees warmer would do for me. Anything 5 degrees and up really. Not too much to ask.
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