Best gig you've seen


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ianrauk said:
Husker Du - Camden 1987
I was at their first gig in the UK at Stow Hill in Newport - amazing how many people I've met since who were also there, and have become good friends. I remember the sweat dripping off the bassist's twirly moustache... Butthole Surfers played there too, their rider asked for 100 wooden pegs, bottles of food colouring and 3 dresses from a charity shop - much fun, but was surpassed a few years later by a show they did at the Newport Centre - fire, strobes, freaky stripper dancing & projections, the lot. Brilliant - no one since has come close. Not got round to seeing the Flaming Lips yet, mind. Favourable mentions for Television and James at Glastonbury, but the Nightingales stick in my mind for sheer volume, and the massive wad of cash handed to them afterwards.


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Belvedere, Kent.
Rammstein, Brixton 2005


Greedo said:
So's mine!! Not an active one and never been to a game but still one all the same. her Dad was and sisters husband and all them are. Fun at times. Party tunes are still great but the people who knew nothing about what they were singing was just a bit horrible as there were about 20 of them just begging to start a rammy with anyone including in there.
Aye agree with you on that one, i've got quite a lot of good books on the the subject, some of them i had to import on the sly from America and France as they're banned in Britain.


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Oh well, I will lurch out of the closet...

Hammersmith Odeon, 1965. I was not even a teenager, but I was hopelessly in love with my best friend's older sister, a beautiful sixteen year old. It was impossible to hear a single note of the music because of the screams, but I gazed at her all the way through the concert, with utter love in my heart.

The Beatles, with The Yardbirds as the supporting act.

Phew, I have got it off my mind, at last....:biggrin:

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bhoyjim said:
The Wolfetone's at the Barra's, what a night.
I saw them at The National in London when they recorded the album 'alive alive oh' I think it was called.

Also my fav was Pink Floyd The Wall at Earls Court the absolute best! I was lucky and went twice.
All in the late 70s when I was a mere boy!
I love a good gig, and I've been to loads of fantastic ones. Off the top of my head...Lau at the Loughborough Folk Festival 2008; Violent Femmes, Albert Hall Summer 1991; Editors, O2 Birmingham a few weeks ago; Ministry, Nottingham Rock City, 1993; Orbital at Glastonbury in 1995 and again at the Brixton Academy in 2004/5 (can't remember the year) - their last gig. My first gig was Sky at the Preston Guild Hall in 1980 and I was only 8. That was brilliant too!


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Just listening to DEVO on spotify and it's reminded me they were the first band I saw live in 1980. Can't believe my parents let me and two mates travel from Oxford to Birmingham on the train - we were just kids at the time. Great gig too!

Ps I think last time we did this thread, few weeks back, I put down Bauhaus at the Fryers in Aylesbury in about 1982.


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Lamb at moko in camden was tops too, made a change to just watch a gig and not jump around with a plastic glass of beer in my hand as i normally do. UB40 at Hammersmith, the Hives at Brixton, depeche mode at hammersmith, Primal scream at Shepards bush I could go on for yonks Hehehe
Im not going to mention my Level 42 Years ( Hammersmith, Wembley,Belgium etc ) :sad:
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