Best groupset quality to price ratio?


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I'm sure this has probably been covered before but just want to hear what others think, I'm not asking the best overall, just the best quality for the price. I've always owned Shimano and have no experience owning campag or sram so my personal choice would be 105.


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You really can't go wrong with 105. It's the Shimano workhorse and never let's you down.


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I have 11-speed 105 on one bike and 11-speed Campag Athena on the other. I like using both systems but the Campagnolo was almost 2x the price of the 105, so as far as value for money I think the 105 would take some beating.


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I had 105s but now I've got Campag Veloce. The brake hood shape suits me much better and I prefer the thumb shifters to the split levers on the Shimanos. That's just personal taste. If you shop around, I think that they cost about the same.

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105. 11 speed , awesome, enough said .....^_^


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Sram for me. Have Shimano as well but prefer the positive changes and double tap action with Sram. Bit like a sequential gear box in a race car.
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