best loan rate (secured)

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:biggrin: Do what i do......
Have a sum of money in the bank.
When you need a loan, lend it to yourself, then make sure you pay it back.

That way, theres always cash available to you, without paying anyone any interest.

Been doing it for years...the money corporations dont even know i exist :biggrin:


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why do you want secured - are you looking for a fairly large sum?

If so - I would recommend speaking to your mortgage lender first


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Yeah, we ended up with a lot of unsecured debt after getting married, buying a house, doing it up and furnishing it top to bottom. We got the house valued after all the work was done and then remortgaged to pay off all the unsecured stuff plus a largish tax bill I had. We now make sure that we overpay as much as possible and pay all my bonuses in.
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