Best Moments of the 2012 Season


An antidote to the LA thread.

What were your favourite moments of the 2012 season?

I will start with Wiggo's sprint at Romandie,
Sagan's "running man" celebration and
Cav win on Stage 18 of le tour.


Cheddar George

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A british rider in the yellow jersey leading out a british rider in the world champ jersey to win the sprint on the Champs d'elysee. :becool:


Far too many to choose from. The TdF moments, The Olympic successes, Lucy Garner winning the Junior World Road Race as a double, the Para guys and girls bringing it home...2012 should be remembered as the year not of A highlight, but a highlight year for GB.


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St George
Marc de Maar, showing the world what it takes to be a cyclist, when he was crashed out 10k from the finish of the Stoke section of the Tour of Britain, go back on his bike and rode to finish first.


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When Froome had to go back and help Wiggins - showed Wiggo was thrashed, on the edge and almost out of gas but still driving as much as he could, nearly cracked but didnt and thats why he's the TdF Champ.
Boonen in P-R
Cav on stage 18 TdF
Cav on the final stage of ToB - i didn't actually see him go past, just a flash
Cancellara riding the Olympic TT, despite the injury and knowing he had no chance, but out of pride and because he was the defending champion.
Judith Arndt adding more rainbow bands to her collection - shame she has retired now.
following Mick Rogers in the car on stage 9 of TdF


The Borough
An antidote to the LA thread.
Cav win on Stage 18 of le tour.
Just watched that vid again - forgot how spectacular it was

Get In The Van

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West Lothian
That Cav finish was like me last night.....:whistle:

Wiggins season in general, Froome track standing on the Vuelta going uphill, Hoy and his tears on the podium at the Olympics, infact all the Olympic Brit riders and i include the paralympians as well.
JTL tour of Britain win
so many more, been a good season for British riders!


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yep - i think sky sabotaged him in similar circumstances about 3 times
he didnt have much luck at the olympics either! i reckon he must think us brits have it in for him :gun:

my best moment is tied at wiggo leading out cav on the Champs, that stage win for cav and wiggo after the olympic time trial cycling through the crowd!


The Borough
After all the speculation of SKY internal politics surrounding Wiggo, Froome and Cav, I think scenes such as the above are iconic for GB cycling.
To have a GB rider in yellow leading out a team-mate in a sprint is remarkable. That the team-mate is a GB rider wearing the World Champ's jersey and one of the all time great sprinters, winning his 4'th consecutive Champs Elysee TdF finale (nobody else has ever won 2 in a row), is just a staggering overlay of iconic cycling imagery.

edit : apologies for the musical backing...

Whatever the disputed rights and wrongs of the SKY strategy this season, they've left an indelible mark in the history of GB cycling.
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