Best offer of the day so far


Before 8:30 this morning, I'd been offered " a line", and "a rock".

T in the park has come and gone for another year. The dogs were barking at the door this morning, someone had taken his shoes off and was trying to come through th door :rolleyes:

Communication with such a soul was a bit difficult (though rather amusing). He thought he was in Cupar, I'm in Kinross about 20 miles away. He seemed to have misplaced his wallet, cash. keys, and mobile, and was unsure of where he wanted to go. I eventually got him to rattle off a phone number and caught his mum at home, and arranged to meet with her dear son ! You've got to laugh !

So what's your best offer of the day so far?

And if anyone wants to go one better and offer me a Ti frame or a nice groupset feel free. I can't swap you a line for it, though he did drop something outside my front door - it might be a rock, or it might have just been a piece of gravel out of his pocket.
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