Best way to clean my chain and cog wheels???


New Member inner legs are covered in balck grease from the cogs. I wipe the chain down with a rag after each ride but still in builds up...I lube it with some teflons type lube from Halfords for bikes...but it still goes blackand yucky.

...normals I know...but How should I clean this gunge off the cogs?

Also does anybody have any tips for washing shirts thant have got grease on them?...

they call that "wench leg" in our club as it seems to affect only the women.:rolleyes:
i use the low tec approach and clean the chain with a rag after every ride,i have the bike on a stand and pedal the chain though the rag until its clean, i put gtx car oil on:ohmy: and run the chain over all the sprockets and chainrings, leave it over night and wipe the chain off (as above)with a rag before use.
Don't over lube.
If your chain and cassette are covered in foul spoo, it's probably because you are lubing with the old 'spin the pedals and squirt lube on the chain as it passes' technique.
Get your chain clean, doesn't matter what method you use (I take the chain off and use white spirit but you could always use degreaser and a toothbush) and then re-lube by putting on ONE drop of lube per chain link. That will get the lube where it needs to go, onto the rollers and between the links, and not all over the outside of the chain, where it just gets dirty and tattoos your calves.
That, my chunky chum, will do more to keep your chain clean and wholesome than fretting about which cleaning method is best.:rolleyes:


I've started doing the one drop lubing and it really works.

In regards to getting the black leg I met Wakefiled Tri club on the Holmfirth Cyclosportive this year and there's a bloke who they mock constantly for getting chain grease in daft places. It was on his neck when I saw him.


Frogs are people too.
To clean cogs take wheel off, spray on degreaser, wash off and then use a rag to rub in between the cogs (bit like flossing teeth).

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Stain devil make a good grease/oil remover. you need to be quick, stained in doesn't come out as well as fresh.

As for cleaning, an old toothbrush and white spirit works for me. I don't like splitting chains to clean them so a bit of patience, a chain cleaner, a toothbrush is all i need.

If your chain has enough greasy oily clag to smear everywhere its probably to oily. after applying oil,dry off the sides of the chain with a rag.


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...ah well...that was fun! I bought a chain cleaning kit from the LBS in shenfield and set to work....up to my forearms in grime...yummy! But it's done the job and I even lubed each link sparingly as suggested...looks brand new now.

It has one of those gadjets that clip to the lower chain and you back pedal through it to clean the ok...only thing is you need a rack to hang the bike on, or a friend..(I have neither!) hold the bike up while you turn the crank. I got aroung this by fixing the old bike rack on the back of the car and hanging the bike off of it....intuition ....the wife was shocked i had any.

I didnt turn the bike upside down for fear of all the crud falling on my new brooks saddle.


I started the drop per link thing

Who has that much patience, not me, I lashed it on with a certain amount of restraint, seems to have worked just fine

Used the machine, certainly works but wow what a lot of crap comes off
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