Best way to complain?


I've recently had cause to have dealings with court appointed officers (debt recovery). In order that a charge for payment be served on the defender, I had to submit written instructions to that effect (which cost me again). All good so far......

Following this, I contacted the company by phone and I specifically asked that they do not follow a certain course of action as I did not want to incur further expense, and asked what the costs would be to carry out an alternative course of action. The person I spoke to agreed to find out the costs and to call me back.

I've just received a bill. I didn't get a call back with the cost that I requested, and they've carried out the action I asked them not to. I'm not too happy about this, and don't feel I should have to meet the full cost - it's not a lot, but I feel I'm getting shafted.

So, If I write to them, am I best off explaining the above, then asking them to review the charge, or should I offer a given amount? (just to get it off my back and done with).


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Nothing beats a clear, well-written letter. You need to explain clearly what you told them to do and what not to do as that was the contract between you, assuming they agreed. Then tell them you will only pay for the bits you wanted them to do and suggest a fair price, somewhat below what you really think is fair. If they agree to your suggestion, you're a winner and it's even better if you've lost out thanks to their actions as you can knock off even more.
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